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Infinite List of People I Love: 3. Osric Chau

When someone asks me to do something, something new, something I don’t know about, and if I haven’t done it, I’ll say yes. Just so I can try something new. You never know what you might like.”

*Thomas’ favorite song to dance to is Elvis’ Hound Dog (per Jensen) lol #DallasCon

*And he makes JJ dance with him lol #dallascon

*Jared’s already told Jensen he has to pay for the wedding lol #DallasCon

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J2 hugs #dallascon #valtography (at The Westin Dallas Park Central)

  • Jensen: I'm sad that you didn't choose demon!dean as your favorite monster.
  • Jared: You're not hot!
  • Jared:
  • Jensen:
  • Jared: Yes you are! *hugs jensen*
  • yaelstiel:

    #SPN10 Countdown Challenge | 15 days to go | S8E15

    I’m good.

    He first says: ‘The only way we’ve made it throgh is by hanging together' , then ’I trust you, Sammy’  for me it means ‘even though you are the one doing the trials, we are in it together’  'I'm with you 100%'