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Maybe he sold all his parenting skills for artistic talent

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Jensen Ackles previews Supernatural season 10 (x

I think that for Dean, realizing that Sam wouldn’t just ‘let him go’, is to see that Sam really loves him and cares for him, especially after the last thing he told Sam,  ’I’m proud of us’  that by them he really let Sam go, now, seeing Sam choosing to look for him, to help him, realizing Sam is doing this out of love and not out of duty, something will change. 

I think, one of the most challenging things for Dean will be to let Sam help him. Dean never let anyone help him, not really. And this is a huge opportunity of growth for Dean, and for the boys’ relationship to grow as well. 

After everything though like I mean Sam always gets so mad at Dean for going to an extreme to save him and now he’s gone and done it and Dean’s gonna be upset about it like excuse the fuck me you let an angel possess your brother to save him hell you made a crossroads deal with a demon that landed you in hell tortured for 40 years to save Sam and youre upset that Sams going to an extreme to save you from being a demon like come on dean you dick,The extreme that Sam went to I bet its lucifer I do (via)

I am replying to your tags because I think it’s an important topic,

I would like to say, that I think for Dean, Sam staying alive and not in danger is priority number one. So when he got upset, it’s because he don’t like (or, he can’t bear) the idea of Sam endangering himself. For Dean, he still needs to take care of Sam and make sure he is safe and secure (in his view, which not always the healthy one, but this is how he sees it. ) So when he got upset, it’s because he is worried about what could’ve happen to Sam with those extreme measures. 

The other thing I thought here, was that Dean is upset while still embracing the demon inside, and he doesn’t want Sam to come and help him, he doesn’t want Sam to come and remind him of his humanity, because this is what Sam does for Dean (we keep each other human) and might be, by the time Sam finds him, he wouldn’t want that reminder. 

Also there’s still the thought of “I’m not worth the trouble”. For Dean Sam’s life is the most valuable thing of the planet, but he considers himself “poison”. Being a demon won’t help his sense of self-worth. From Dean’s perspective, Sam’s life is always worth saving, no matter the cost, while the cost for others to save Dean will always be too high.
He felt like that when John died for him, and his life only made him feel even worse about himself. And Carver said in an interview that Dean’s aware that part of this demon-existences is his own fault - because he choose the Mark of Cain without asking, and he pushed Sam away and tried to deal with it by himself and never asked for help. So I could imagine that Dean - again - thinks he doesn’t deserve to be saved. Especially when it taints or endangers Sam.


Jensen Ackles

On what advice he would give himself if he could go back to the start of Supernatural and do it all again:
"Get more sleep. Get more rest. Figure out a way to pace yourself early on because those first several years were just exhausting. When we came back after the writers’ strike I had realized that I’m gonna need to like find a way to pace myself a little better because I was just exhausting myself. And I have. I feel like I even got better because I really kind of sat down and thought about my work ethic, and how I was gonna approach certain things."

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[1] Jensen Ackles previews Supernatural season 10 (x

This is still Dean, Dean is in there, and he will come back to Sam, he will come back to us. 


We were supposed to be their shepherds